Top 5 Best Window Treatment Styles for Homeowners in 2022

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As we welcome 2022, a new year means new beginnings. If you're looking to enliven your home fashion, select window treatment styles that suit you.

As we welcome 2022, a new year means new beginnings. If you’re looking to enliven your home fashion, select window treatment styles that suit you.

The best window coverings can reduce heat gain by up to 77%, thus lowering energy costs. Window treatments can therefore be a considerable investment that lasts for years. Choose your window treatment style well from the many options for maximum benefit.

When selecting window treatments, go for an option that suits your style and window types. You’d not want the window coverings to affect the functionality of your windows, right? Check through the trending window treatment options for one you can mount perfectly.

If you want to give your windows new coverings, this guide can go over your options. Here are the top five window treatment styles for homeowners in 2022.

1. Blinds

Do you think about window coverings for an expansive window area? Blinds are the perfect window treatment options for large window surfaces.

Having ceiling-to-floor windows is cool, but they can be too revealing. You’ll need privacy in your home so, consider installing blinds. For an expansive window area, blinds are impressive since they retain admirable elegance.

Blinds come in vast colors, so choose a light-colored option if you want light to pass through. If you’re after something unique, choose alternating colored panels. Blinds are alluring when open, and they look even better when drawn back.

The various blind options include faux wood, aluminum, and Vertical blinds. Faux wood blinds make a great addition to the home since they complement other wood furnishings. They’re able to add warmth and elegance to a room by their woody appearance.

Aluminum blinds are clean and practical, something you’d want for your home. They can be made custom to fit your preference if you’re after that classic look. Aluminum blinds have the widest color selection of all window treatments, so get creative.

Vertical blinds as a top window covering option enhance your window’s beauty and functionality. They’re affordable too, which will be a practical solution if you’re on a budget.

2. Shutters

If you’re looking for the best window treatment that’ll last a long time, think of shutters. Shutters are a more permanent window covering that will spice up your home.

Regardless of your taste, shutters are a beautiful way to add style to any décor. Their availability in different shapes features arches with your preferred louver size. Installing shutters improves the look of your windows, thus increasing your property value.

Shutters have the ability to stop heat transfer in and out of your windows completely. Your energy bills will be cut by half, essentially reducing your net spending.

Custom-made shutters will be an invaluable dressing for your windows. You’re able to choose from the different decorative frames with the hidden tilt bar options.

3. Shades

Are you obsessed with your view and would like to maintain it? Shades are the perfect window treatments if you don’t want to block the windows out completely.

Shades work superbly in controlling the natural light streaming in through your windows. Therefore, they will be the perfect fit for your home office if you rely on natural light to work. You could never go wrong with the right shades, so choose a color to complement the rest of your room.

The different types of shades include the roman, roller, and cellular shade options. Roller shades have a wide range of opacities, so you select a light deflection level you want to install.

Roman shades offer dress-up for your room, creating a drapery look with the convenience of a shade. If you’re after color and texture, install cellular shades on your windows and archways.

4. Consider Target Spaces

In what area of the home are you looking to install window coverings? Different spaces require unique window treatment ideas, which you’ll need to account for with your choice.

The kitchen, for instance, is a harsher environment compared to the bedroom. Ensure that your window treatments are durable enough to withstand such harsh conditions.

Consider the privacy needs in areas such as the bathroom when choosing window coverings. Besides offering you privacy, bathroom window treatments should be able to handle moisture.

Your bedroom needs window coverings that are designed to help you sleep better. You’ll want a complete blackout compared to the living room, where light is necessary. Therefore, your choice of window treatments has to relate to the target spaces they’ll be installed.

5. Motorized Window Coverings

Are you looking for unique and new window treatments? Consider motorized window treatments among the advanced options for window coverings.

Demand for electrically operated window blinds is set to surge by 5%, with energy efficiency concerns being prevalent. Home automation technologies apply to reduce your energy spending. With motorized window coverings, you’ll have an easy time drawing tall and hard-to-reach windows.

Motorized window coverings features include remote accessibility, phone compatibility, and voice command. These features rely on a technology you can seamlessly control from your smartphone. You no longer need to go through the hassle of opening and drawing window coverings; do it on your phone.

An additional feature of motorized window coverings is its cordless safety technology. Your window coverings should not interfere with your household’s safety since it’s paramount. Motorization comes with a cordless design, thus ensuring safety for your kids and pet.

Consider the Above Top 5 Window Treatment Styles in 2022

Window coverings improve your home fashion, so choose window treatments that suit you. Each window treatment style has unique benefits for which you’ll need to consider. Select among the above top 5 window treatment styles in 2022 for an improved home outlook.

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