The direction of your home affects how and when the sun enters each room. It is beneficial to choose window treatments based on the time of day and the angle at which the light enters the room. 

There are advantages to each window direction in terms of a room’s lighting. The windows’ effects depend on whatever directions a house faces.

All-year-round comfort will be ensured in every room by adding window treatments that are appropriate for each window. You can follow the guidelines in this article to determine what’s best for your orientation.

Windows Facing South

There is more natural light in rooms with windows that face south. Whether there is an overhang, porch, landscaping, or tree close to the front that blocks sunlight will determine how much.

You may use roller shades, which come in a variety of opacities and colors, depending on how much light you’d like to block out or let in. With this kind of window covering, you can keep out damaging UV rays that can deteriorate furnishings while still allowing some light to enter the space. 

Additionally, you can choose an opacity and color combination that will keep the outside view visible even when the shades are drawn. A roller shade made of solar shade material will be your best choice if this is your goal.

Windows Facing North

North-facing windows get natural light all day long but not direct sunshine. To take advantage of this soft light, rooms with north-facing windows should have light-colored furnishings and window coverings.

A fantastic approach to utilize the filtered light from north-facing windows is with interior shutters. You can control how much light is let in by their louvers. Their cordless style also appears neat and uncluttered in restrooms, home offices, and kitchens.

Try installing shutters in a light tint or with a blonde, unfinished wood finish to complement the soft light that enters via north-facing windows.

Without obstructing light, sheer curtains enhance your interior decor with soft textures and patterns. When combined with blinds or shades, they can create a stylish, adaptable, and useful window.

Windows Facing East

The early sun, which can be harsh and blazing in the morning and diffused and delicate later in the day, will be captured by an east-facing window. Dark colors will appear dismal, while translucent fabrics and light colors emphasize the gentleness of the light.

Morning sunshine in a kitchen or living area is wonderful, but it can be annoying in a bedroom. Creating window treatments specifically for the quantity of light you want is the greatest method to deal with morning light.

Add room-darkening curtains to the windows of everyone in your family who has trouble sleeping and doesn’t want to be awakened by the sun in the morning. The entire window will be covered with floor-to-ceiling panels with a room-darkening liner to keep out the obtrusive early sun. 

People who are especially sensitive to bright light might wish to think about wearing blackout shades.

Windows Facing West

In the afternoon and evening, direct light from the west will fill your rooms with hues of orange and red. West-facing windows work best with neutral or cool tones because the setting sun will intensify warm tones in a way that you could find overwhelming.

West-facing windows may trap heat in the afternoon during the summer. Make sure to keep them covered to maintain comfort in the space. 

Utilizing solar blinds’ temperature and light-control capabilities is yet another excellent choice for windows facing west. Solar blinds provide you the option to choose how much privacy you want during the daytime and how much light you want to let into the space. 

Numerous hues and opacities are offered to accommodate a range of tastes and preferences.


When selecting window treatments, it is important to factor in the direction your windows face. It can greatly impact the amount of natural light and heat they let in and, consequently, your energy bills.

If you have windows that face the south, east, or west, you’ll want to choose window treatments that can help you control the amount of light that comes into your home.

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