Are You Wondering What Direction Your Roller Blinds Go?

Roller Blinds

Has the public made a decision regarding roller blinds when the world is still debating the age-old issue of which direction to fit toilet paper? This argument comes up while installing blinds despite being a waste of time.

The direction in which the blind should roll—forward or backward—is another method to approach this issue. Unexpectedly, a back roll is by far the most common.

But before getting started, it’s crucial to remember that there are only a few valid answers. It depends on a variety of elements, such as lining and barriers.

Read on to learn whether you should hang your roller blinds below or above.


For the time being, let’s put style preferences aside and focus on window obstructions that may limit your options.

Back-roll may touch handles or window trim because it is closer to the window, depending on where the brackets are placed. Move the bottom bar up about two inches to change to a front roll.

As you land, a back roll may help you avoid striking any decorations, plants, or books on your window sill. The control chains on the side are likewise simpler to access, as you will see.

The closer proximity of a back roll to the glass makes it slightly more thermally efficient when there are no barriers surrounding your window.


Each fabric is unique. This difference impacts your decision to go over or under with your roller blind.

Burst, because both sides have the same texture, you can hang in either direction. Amor, however, has two distinct textures. You might not like the smooth side that is exposed at the top, but the colors match.

This issue is even worse if you have a blind with a white lining. Your window has a white roll at the top, and perhaps a patterned or vibrant cloth is hanging below.

Think about how the textures or colors of the front and rear differ before you reverse the direction to suit your preferences.

How to Change Directions

Your roller blind can be changed in the direction of two different methods. The first and easiest option is to remove the roller blind from the brackets, turn them around, and then reinstall them. But beware, this also alters whether you can see the fabric’s front or back.

There is a second, time-consuming solution as well. The roller blinds should still be removed from the brackets, but you will need to unroll the entire cloth. Carefully reroll the blind to your preferred style after it has been entirely unrolled.

You must also alter the direction in which the motor rotates in the control guidelines for electric roller blinds.


As long as your roller blinds can be operated easily and fit snugly in the window frame, there is no right or wrong way to hang them. 

Some people prefer the bottom of the blinds to sit just above the windowsill, while others like to have them hang down all the way to the floor. The choice of what looks best in your home is ultimately yours.

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