Aluminum vs Vinyl Blinds: What Are The Main Differences?


The average person may not be able to notice this, but there are actually two main types of window blinds, namely, vinyl and aluminum blinds. Both of them come from different materials. So, the ones you choose should be based on your preferences, needs, and even your budget. But if you’re wondering about their variations, then you’re in the right place.

Below are just a few notable examples.

Aluminum vs Vinyl Blinds

1. Aluminum Blinds Are More Durable

Since aluminum is metal, it is not surprising that it is stronger and more durable than a vinyl blind. These blinds can be more expensive than vinyl ones because the metal can be more expensive, too. That’s why metal blinds are still the most sought-after window treatments, especially when it comes to sliding glass doors.

Some people have the misconception that aluminum blinds are not flexible, but this is wrong. They may be made of metal, but they are still flexible, which makes them work easily with any curtain tracks. In the end, they can stay in the same position as they are supposed to, even if it’s a long time that they are put up and even if they are put under extreme weather conditions.

2. Vinyl Blinds Are Only a Bit Cheaper

A vinyl blind is a type of window covering that is created from vinyl, the same material used to make records. This is a good material for making window coverings, but it does not have the same strength as aluminum. That’s why you should be aware of what you are going to use your vinyl blinds for.

They are great for simple, minimalist designs. They are not used to replace metal ones because they are not that sturdy. Vinyl blinds are just a lot cheaper, and they are also more malleable, which makes them more suitable for sliding glass doors with intricate designs.

3. Aluminum Blinds Works Best for Sliding Glass Doors

These types of blinds are often used outside the home, as they are installed on sliding glass doors and windows. The good thing about them is that they are resistant to weather changes. They are also easy to clean.

Aluminum blinds work best on sliding glass doors because they are more durable than vinyl blinds, and they are also suitable for those who are living in areas where there are extreme weather conditions. You can be sure that they will be there, regardless of the wind and snow or even heavy rains.

Since they are made of metal, they can hold up against strong winds. If you have a more modern design characterized by soft curves, you can use a vinyl blind. It will blend better with the overall design of the home.

4. Aluminum Blinds Are More Energy-Efficient Than Vinyl Blinds

Aluminum blinds are more energy-efficient than their vinyl counterparts. This is because vinyl blinds can be easily affected by the heat, which can cause the plastic to warp and melt.

They can easily be affected by the sun’s rays, especially if they are made from thin plastic. If you place them on a sliding glass door, you can be sure that they will take much of the heat, and this may cost you more in air conditioning.


When choosing a type of window covering, specifically a type of window blind, you should take into account your personal needs and preferences. Also, you should consider the durability, how easy it is to clean, and how flexible it is.

With all of that being said, you may take note of our pointers above regarding the differences between vinyl and aluminum blinds.

If you ask us, the matter would be a great value for your money.

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