Tips/Cleaning Honeycomb Shades

This is a good time of year to catch up on cleaning your honeycomb shades.

  • Dust them with a feather duster or vacuum with the soft brush of a hand vacuum with low suction.
  • Dust and dirt may be blown away using compressed air or a hand held hair dryer on the cool setting.
  • Masking tape can remove isolated spots.  Press the tape on the spot.  If necessary, repeat with a clean piece of tape.


Some honeycomb shades can be cleaned more aggressively, BUT BEFORE YOU DO, BE SURE TO CALL US FIRST, SO WE CAN ADVISE YOU ON YOUR PARTICULAR SHADES.  For a thorough cleaning, dip your shade in a bath of lukewarm water and mild detergent.  DO NOT submerge the head rail.  Swish GENTLY for about five minutes.  Rinse with clear water.  Remove the shade from the water and tilt it gently to allow the excess water to run out of the cells.  Close the shade so that all cells are stacked together.  Re-install the damp shade and lower it all the way to allow it to dry completely.  DO NOT immerse black out shades.

SAFETY: Children and Window Cords Don’t Mix

When window cords are within reach, it takes only a few seconds for a young child to be accidentally strangled.

  • Keep all window covering cords out of the reach of children
  • Avoid knotting or tying cords together (this creates a loop in which a child can become entangled)
  • Never place cribs or other furniture that children may climb on near windows with a dangling cord
  • Get the shortest cords possible when ordering window coverings
  • For blinds and draperies which require a continuous loop to function properly, use a tension device or pulley which is fastened to the wall or window casing
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) strongly recommends replacing or repairing mini blinds and other corded window coverings purchased before 2001 with safer products now available.