How to Clean Your Roman Shades and When Is It Necessary?

roman shades

Roman shades are both a beautiful and practical addition to any home. Not only do they let in natural light and provide insulation from the elements, but they also come in various styles and colors to suit any taste. 

While these shades can be an excellent addition to a home, their delicate material can be difficult to clean and maintain. Fortunately, simple steps can help you keep your Roman shades in Las Vegas looking their best.

Schedules for Routine Cleaning

Depending on how often items get dusty, you should perform these tasks weekly, biweekly, or monthly. These tasks are quick and simple to perform. If you perform your more thorough cleanings regularly, they will be simple.

Further Dust Removal

For particularly delicate colors, you might prefer to use a cloth or duster instead of your vacuum. Some textiles require careful handling with delicate tissue, such as a microfiber cloth, especially those with decorations or embellishments. This will efficiently get rid of dust. A lint roller is an additional helpful instrument for dusting smooth colors.


Lift your shades to start. After that, use the upholstery brush attachment to carefully vacuum your shades to remove any remaining dust and debris. Since the worst gathering usually happens in the folds or wrinkles of your shades, pay close attention to these areas.

When Is Cleaning Necessary? 

You’ll be aware if your Roman shades need more cleaning. The occasional spill or stain could lower your shades’ visual appeal. But you can use a variety of spot-cleaning methods when this happens:

For spills and stains, club soda works wonders. Apply this quickly to the damaged area of the color.

Add equal volumes of water and white vinegar to stains and spills. Lightly dab at the shades with a cloth that has been dipped in this solution. After mixing some water with a tiny amount of detergent, you can rinse with regular water.

Cleaning up spills and stains with water and dishwashing soap is effective. After cleaning a spot or a sponge with this solution, rinse.

Once a year, you should give your shades a more thorough cleaning. Your preferred technique will depend on the material and how difficult it is to take apart and put back together your blinds. The packaging on your sunglasses should list suggestions for cleaning methods.

Washing and Doing Laundry

Roman shades are typically made of fabrics that can be washed or cleaned in your home washing machine, like cotton and polyblends. The headrail and other rods or dowels fastened to the blinds should be removed. After that, run a gentle cycle in cold water to wash them. If required, dry them with iron while laying them flat.

Certified Cleaning

Many dry cleaners also offer shade services. Again, you’ll need to prepare for them by taking off the headrail, dowels, and rods. You can then send them for professional cleaning after that. You may avoid the hassle of having to remove any components by hiring professional home blind and shade cleaning services to come to your house and clean your blinds and shades.


Roman shades are an increasingly popular window covering choice due to their versatility and timeless aesthetic. Although they are a beautiful addition to any home, they can be tricky to clean. Unlike regular blinds or curtains, Roman shades require special care to ensure they look their best. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your quality window coverings look their best. 

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