Maintain Your Blinds with These Convenient Care Tips


Our homes depend on doors, windows, and other access points to connect us to the outside world. That also means they allow dust from the outside world to enter our homes. So, the cleanliness of any home starts with cleaning the window coverings and blinds. Here’s how you can keep these connections to the outside world clean with these convenient care tips:

Make It a Regular Thing

An easy way to clean the window coverings without too much effort is by maintaining the cleanliness of your window treatments. Regular cleanings attract less dust and dirt, making it easier to keep your window coverings clean and tidy. This also makes your window treatments look newer for a longer time.


This is one of the most effective and effortless ways to clean your custom fabric window blinds that yield maximum results. Vacuum cleaners are one of the most effective window cleaners as they are specifically designed to clean your blinds by absorbing all the dust from your window blinds, including the heavily soiled dust, and make them look new. 

These devices also have a brush attachment, making the cleaning process even more accessible. Attach the brush whenever you want to use it and remove it once you are done. Vacuuming is magical as it makes your fabric look bright and clean within seconds!

Dust Your Blinds

Dust is the easiest way to clean window treatments regularly. Dust your window treatments regularly—at least once a month during the fall and winter. If you ever have to clean them later, you’re less likely to get frustrated.

You need a duster to clean blinds easily. Dust the blinds from top to bottom before flipping them closed. Clean the slats of the blinds through the slats. Flip them back and forth to get rid of any dust. Clean the spaces behind the blinds so that insects won’t be able to sneak in between them. Especially clean any cords if they are detachable since they can collect dust quickly. Be sure to dust both sides of each blind and repeat the process until all dust is removed from your window treatments.

Note: Vacuum and dust your blinds before this last tip. These save you from putting more effort into scrubbing out dirt later on.

Do the Wet Wipe Technique

Keeping the window blinds clean and fresh is a simple process. Clean them by dipping a microfiber cloth in plain or soapy water. Close the slats of the window blinds and wipe them with a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is a good cleaner for window blinds.

For more effective cleaning, open the slats of the windows and clean them by wiping them back and forth with a microfiber cloth. Use the same technique to keep both sides of the window blinds clean.

If you want to clean deeply, you can clean each slat individually. It takes a lot of time to clean window blinds one at a time, but you can prefer water immersion for that case.

Care for Your Blinds the Right Way

These techniques should keep your window blinds clean each time. As always, determine the best cleaning method based on your needs to make your home look fresh and new for guests or just yourself. Before cleaning, make sure that your blinds can withstand the cleaning method without being damaged to maintain their longevity.

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