Blinds vs. Shutters: 5 Important Things You Should Know


There are so many window coverings that it makes it tricky to finalize which one’s best for your home. The most common dilemma among homeowners is deciding whether they should get blinds or shutters. 

Blinds are slats of fabric attached to a window with hinges, while shutters are solid panels with a more durable frame. These terms are usually used interchangeably, even though they are substantially different. 

Here are some things you should know about blinds and shutters so you can choose which one works best for your home:

Blinds vs. Shutters

1. Privacy

When it comes to privacy, blinds and shutters both offer privacy, but shutters are better at it because they are solid panels. Blinds have wider gaps, making it easier for someone to peek inside your home.

Blinds can provide privacy, but you must always ensure that the fabric does not wear thin or develop holes from frequent use. If privacy’s an issue, you can use thicker material, Roman shades, drapes, or faux wood blinds to give you a more private experience.

2. Light and Climate Control

The most significant difference between blinds and shutters is how you can control the amount of light and how much ventilation you’re adding to the room. Blinds let you control the amount of light and air better, while shutters can only control light.

Blinds’ light-blocking capabilities are limited because they are made of thinner materials. If you want total darkness at night, shutters are the best choice.

You can close the slats to block out sunlight, heat, and airborne particles with shutters. This is particularly important if you are sleeping, watching TV, or working while facing a screen.

3. Aesthetics

Decorative blinds are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home. There are many options available, and they are usually cut to fit the window opening, making them work well as a decorative element inside the house.

Shutters are also a great way to enhance the look of your home, but they can be a bit more challenging to work with and do not always fit the window properly. If you want to go with a shutter, you could get oversized panels. 

This will make them feel more like the interior decor. If you choose oversized shutters, you could paint or stain them to create an element of design. To help you avoid mistakes, you can consult a professional.

4. Installation and Maintenance

A window blind will only take about an hour to install. For shutters, you’d typically have to hire a carpenter. For example, large windows could take up to two hours or even more to install. 

The installation process is more straightforward with vertical blinds than Roman or roller shades.

In terms of maintenance, shutters need periodic stripping, priming, and painting. In contrast, you can easily clean blinds with soap, warm water, and a soft cloth.

However, blinds will probably require maintenance when constantly exposed to direct sunlight and dust. They can quickly become faded, damaged, and brittle. 

5. Cost

The cost of the two can vary greatly. Blinds are cheaper because they are a flat fabric, while shutters are more expensive because they are made from wood. However, you can also get good blinds that cost as much as shutters. The pricing is mainly determined by the style and quality of the blinds, the size of your windows, and your location.

For example, if you want shutters made of real wood and of high quality, they will cost much more than blinds of the same size and quality.


Blinds and shutters both play an essential role in the home. They can be used for different purposes and in different spaces. When comparing blinds vs. shutters, consider how you want to use them, what you need them for, and your room’s needs. If you are unsure, you can hire a professional to help you choose the right window treatments for your home.

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