Choosing between Aluminum and Vinyl Mini Blinds for Windows


Are you considering adding window blinds to your home? This is a great way to add privacy and reduce the heat from natural sunlight entering your home. Too much sun exposure can not only increase the temperature in your home but also cause your furniture and appliances to fade faster.

Mini blinds, in particular, are an affordable and attractive option as they have slats of approximately one-inch width, which is thinner than traditional Venetian blinds. The narrower gaps between the blinds offer more privacy even as you allow some sunlight into your room.

You may be choosing between aluminum and vinyl mini blinds. This article will run you through the pros and cons of both materials.

Aluminum vs. Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds offer a wide range of options for colors, textures, and sizes. This allows you to choose a vinyl blind that can fit any size and style your window or door needs.

In general, they are also lightweight and durable, which makes them a popular choice. Here are some benefits to getting vinyl mini blinds:

  • They can be cleaned with soap and water. For heavy-duty cleaning, they can be soaked with vinegar or baking soda.
  • Vinyl materials are more flexible, making them less likely to bend or dent.
  • These blinds are lightweight, putting less strain on your window frame.
  • Although the price can vary depending on the style and size you get, these materials are cheaper than aluminum.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Aluminum blinds are known for their durability due to the aluminum material. While it has limited options for colors and textures, it can easily withstand dents and folds.

Aluminum blinds are famous for their various benefits:

  • Compared to wooden blinds, aluminum is cheaper and has a wide range of colors and thicknesses.
  • Aluminum blinds are resistant to dents and creases. They can be smoothed out easily without cracking.
  • This material is made out of non-porous metal, making it resistant to mold and mildew.
  • Aluminum blinds add a crisp and stylish finish to a room as it holds their shape over time.
  • Aluminum blinds do a better job of reflecting the sun’s rays to help keep your room cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter months.

Which One Is Easier to Install?

The installation for both types of blinds is similarly straightforward. The area where they will be installed is outlined, brackets are added along with the valence covers, headrail, and valence. It is then tested to see if your blinds are working correctly.

Which One Is Easier to Clean?

The cleaning and maintenance for both aluminum and vinyl blinds are the same. You will have to regularly dust and clean the slats of these blinds. You can let them soak in a tub and dry before hanging back on to your window.

How Long Do They Last?

These are both long-lasting blinds that can last for about seven to eight years if adequately cared for. Aluminum blinds are slightly more durable as they are resistant to bends and dents. 

Although it is flexible, vinyl may crack at a certain threshold. You may have to repair or get the set replaced in these cases.


Both aluminum and vinyl mini blinds are great for your home. They are affordable and easy to install. The decision on which one is better lies in your preference. 

Aluminum mini blinds are more durable but also more expensive than vinyl. The price for vinyl is a little more on the lower side, and it also offers various options for style and design.

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