Everything You Need to Know about Cellular Window Shades

Green Cellular Window Shades

While windows are excellent for letting in some air and natural light, you may not always want it open. If you wish to lessen the light and heat in your room or you want to add an extra layer of privacy, you may want to add window coverings.

There are various window coverings available on the market, and cellular shades are a great option if you are looking for insulation, light control, and privacy. 

This article will run you through everything you need to know about cellular shades.

What Are Cellular Shades?

Cellular shades, also known as cellular shades, are designed to diffuse light, add privacy, insulate a room, and keep it cool. These are common additions to modern homes.

The material these shades are made of makes them great for insolation, privacy, and even blocking out noise. These shades are also designed to be slim and stackable for easier storage.

Benefits of Getting Cellular Shades

Cellular shades provide several benefits for your home, such as:

  • Superior insulation and temperature control
  • Noise reduction
  • Light blocking and filtering
  • Reduced energy costs due to better insulation
  • Child safety options if you go cordless
  • Options for light and privacy management

Cellular shades are increasing in popularity for their modern appearance and insulation capabilities. Besides protecting your room from the heat and cold, they can also protect you from harmful UV rays.

You may be concerned that a light-filtering or room-darkening shade may make the inside of your home visible at night like one-way window glass. However, cellular shades don’t have this problem and offer total privacy even at night.

What Areas Should You Use Cellular Shades In?

Cellular shades can do well in any room in your home. However, there are kitchen cellular shades that are made extremely durable to handle moisture and water in moist areas. 

Are They Durable?

Unlike horizontal blinds that can become bent and unsightly, cellular shades are more durable and hold their shape better. These are usually made of spun lace and bonded polyester, which gives them a more robust structure.

Can You Wash Them?

Cellular shades are made of materials that are easy to dust and clean. They only require light, regular dusting and vacuuming to keep them clean. However, it may be easy for dust and even dead bugs to build up inside your cellular shades. You will have to clean these regularly.

Do Cellular Shades Match Your Style?

Honeycomb shades are often described as elegant, stylish, and functional. They are a great décor to add to your home while offering additional insulation, light control, and sound absorption.

There are also a variety of designs and fabric materials you can choose from to match the cellular shades to the style of your home. While cellular shades are not the most expensive, cellular blinds are in the middle range for window coverings and blinds. They are more costly than Venetian blinds but cheaper than Roman shades.


Cellular shades are a great addition to your home as they offer insulation, privacy, and a sleek, modern appearance. You can choose from different shades, fabrics, and styles. You can find the perfect cellular shades to fit your home and budget.

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