6 Types of Window Treatments to Get for Tall Windows

Window Treatments

Once you have figured out which type of window treatment you want for tall windows, there are several styles from which to choose. For sheer panel curtains, which help add additional height to your windows, there are several styles available. 

Here are different types of window coverings you should get for your tall windows.

1) Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are great window treatments to add height to your tall windows. Plain curtains can be hung from the ceiling to add extra height to tall windows. Alternatively, curtains and drapes may be hung on a track system to bring them closer to the ceiling. 

This allows for less fabric to be used for plain curtains and drapes, making them more affordable. Drapes are also a good option for high windows. Drapes are hung from a rod attached to the ceiling, but drapes can also be hung from a rod that is placed above a window to add height.

2) Blinds

Plain blinds are another very simple treatment for tall windows. Depending on the type of window treatment you choose, blinds can be placed over the top of your tall windows to give you a more modern look.

Sheer blinds are another great option for tall window treatments. They allow light to filter through the design of the blinds, so your tall windows will still have natural light. However, they also provide privacy, so you can filter out light when needed. 

3) Shades

There are also shades of all types, including pleated shades, Roman shades and cellular shades that are available for high windows.

Pleated shades are a great option for tall windows. They let light through, but they also provide privacy. These blinds overlap each other to filter light. 

4) Motorized Shades

Motorized shades offer the option of letting light into your home, but still providing privacy. These windows treatments are controlled by remote control and are extremely easy to use.

Before you get window treatments for your high windows, you should consider how much natural light you want to let into your home. This will help you decide what types of window treatments for tall windows you should get so you can maximize light in your home.

5) Roman Shades

Roman shades are a great option for tall windows. Roman shades hang down from the top of tall windows, and they work well in homes where you have high ceilings. These will help you save on lighting costs, as they can be used as a method of blocking out sunlight. 

Roman shades are another good window covering option for tall windows. They are made of fabric, which filters light and blocks out some light.

6) Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another solid option for tall windows. Like Roman shades, they hang down from the top of the tall windows. They have a mesh screen that allows light through but also filters out light, making them another great option for tall windows.

These are similar to pleated shades, except with cellular shades, the outside of the shades is always in contact with the top of the window.


Once you get your window treatments, the next step is to install them. If you need a professional to assist with installing your window treatments or want to install them yourself, we can help. 

At East-West Blinds & Shutters, we have the perfect affordable window coverings. Get in touch with us today to figure out how to install them. 

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